Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home during COVID-19

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Overcome the Challenges of Working from Home during COVID-19

As a real estate professional, you are probably accustomed to working from home at least part of the time. However, given the current situation (need we even explain?), there are likely new factors interfering with your typical work environment, whether it be your kids home from school all day, another family member working from home or, conversely, the lack of interaction with others that you are used to having. In order to adjust during this transition and remain productive with your real estate business, we have listed 5 tips we think will help you be successful during this time of quarantine.


Tip #1 Set Working Hours 

It is important to establish work hours and make other members in your household aware of these hours, so you can ensure you have the privacy and/or quiet you may need to make client calls, host video sessions with your coagents or simply focus on certain tasks. Let your spouse, children, roommates or other family members know what you need from them and work out a solution for sharing the same space. 


Tip #2 Create a Designated Workspace 

The second thing you will need to do is create a functional work space and keep it clean, organized and comfortable. Some workspace essentials you may need are your laptop, phone, charging cords, coaster, water bottle and notebook and pen. Gather up all of your necessary supplies before you begin. That way, you won’t have to leave your space in the middle of an important phone or video call.


Tip #3 Incorporate a Lunch Break 

Don’t forget to eat! Take a lunch or snack break to keep you energized. Tired of eating the same thing? Check out Food Network’s 50 Quick Snack Recipes for some at home snack inspiration.


Tip #4 Don’t Forget to Be Social 

Don’t forget to be social – try a video conference with your friends and family! Seeing or hearing your loved ones (even if just on the screen) can help you feel like you aren’t completely stuck in isolation. It can also help take your mind off work and allow you to enjoy some relaxation. For ideas on what games you can play during a video call, check out 17 of the best online activities to keep you connected while you’re away from family and friends


Tip #5 Change Up Your Work Environment 

If you start to feel unproductive, try changing up your work environment. If you have a patio or balcony, this could be a useful space for some fresh air while still staying protected at your home. If your outdoor area does not accommodate your workspace needs, you can use it for a break instead. The restaurants, parks, and pools may be closed, but at the bare minimum, getting some fresh outside air just might help you keep your sanity.


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