Is a Virtual Remodel the Key to Selling Your Outdated Property?

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Do you have an outdated property you’re trying to list? Whether it’s new to the market or has been listed for a while and just isn’t catching attention, a virtual remodel can be the key to a quicker sale. When buyers look at listings, they’re trying to envision their future there. That can be more difficult with outdated properties, especially when the buyer doesn’t have renovation or design experience. As the selling agent (or the seller), it’s your role to show them the possibilities, and virtual remodeling can help you do that!

The Benefits of Virtual Remodeling for Outdated Properties

Virtual remodeling breathes new life into outdated properties, unlocking their full potential and attracting a wider buyer pool. Not everyone appreciates the old charm of more dated properties, and some buyers may even be eager to renovate. Virtual remodeling caters to both audiences – it showcases a property’s possibilities and gives renovation-minded buyers a head start on their design plans. Let’s look at a virtual remodel example of a residential property to see this transformative power in action!

Square Foot Productions Virtual Remodel, after image of an open floorplan home with modern furnishings

Open Up the Floorplan

This dated floorplan with separate rooms and color palettes for each one breaks up the space and blocks the path of natural light. The virtual remodel opens it up, creating a seamless flow between the dining, living, and kitchen areas, with sunlight reaching the entire space. The new floorplan fosters connection – you can easily chat with guests in the living room while prepping food in the kitchen. It’s perfect for big gatherings where everyone feels included, and conversation flows effortlessly!

Old Charm to Modern Living

Here’s another angle of the living space before and after the transformation. The existing features are charming but make the room feel tighter and closed off, whereas the modern remodel makes the space feel bigger. Removing the built-in cabinets, repainting the walls, and lightening the flooring transforms it into a welcoming and versatile space. Even more light can enter the space now through the front windows. It’s easy to imagine a group of friends catching up on the spacious sofas or a family gathering for the holidays.

Upgrade the Kitchen for Home Chefs

This kitchen boasts a functional layout that many buyers will love (hello, storage space!). However, the dated finishes and flooring might not appeal to everyone. With a virtual remodel, we’ve modernized the space without sacrificing its charm. We’ve updated the countertops and flooring with sleek, new finishes while keeping the classic backsplash and vent hood for a touch of original character. Now this kitchen inspires culinary creativity, perfect for both novice cooks and experienced home chefs!

Get the Backyard Summer-Ready

A backyard is a major selling point for many homebuyers, but why settle for good when you can have great? Here, we’ve sectioned off the grilling area, extended the patio with space for sunbathing, and added a two-tier pool. This really emphasizes how huge this backyard is and the many possibilities for outdoor relaxation and entertainment. While it isn’t dated, the vacant backyard doesn’t convey its true value as well as the virtual remodel does. The revamped backyard oasis is perfect for making memories and enjoying endless summer days!

Square Foot Productions offers virtual remodeling services for both residential and commercial real estate properties. Start your order now to digitally transform your outdated property listings into eye-catching spaces!

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