How to Successfully Market a Commercial Shell Space with Virtual Remodeling

Published On: January 29th, 2024Categories: Commercial Real Estate, Marketing, Real Estate, Virtual RemodelingLast Updated: March 1st, 202416.7 min read

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Commercial Virtual Remodeling by Square Foot Productions, split image shows a shell space transformed into an office space

Commercial real estate can be lucrative if you’re skilled at finding valuable properties and marketing them to the right demographic. Unlike residential properties, commercial spaces offer diverse uses and commercial buyers typically have larger budgets. However, when dealing with a shell space, a creative marketing strategy is essential to help buyers see its true value. A wide, open space with no walls or ceilings can make it difficult to judge dimensions and specs for furnishings.

So, this makes virtual remodeling an incredibly powerful tool that can digitally transform any unfinished property into its ideal finished space. In fact, you can remodel it as many times as you need to showcase the best potential uses and attract a variety of interested buyers or tenants. Additionally, they’ll be more likely to understand the scope and budget needed for the project when shown visually appealing options. We’ll use one shell space as an example and show you four ways to virtually remodel and market it for different business uses.

From Shell to Office Space

The need to impress with office spaces has never been more critical with the shift to more remote jobs. Our virtual remodeling service transforms a bare shell space into a modern office marvel. The overhead lighting gets an update with striking wood detailing, adding warmth and dimension to a traditionally stale environment. Glass interior walls allow natural light into every office, creating a collaborative and open atmosphere.

From Shell to Coffee & Wine Bar

Here, we virtually transformed an empty shell into a trendy coffee and wine bar, showcasing spatial awareness and clever design. The darker ceiling sets a moody ambiance, contrasted by large windows welcoming abundant natural light. Strategically placed lounge seating and vibrant chairs at tables create an inviting, yet sophisticated lounge feel. This remodel maximizes customer pathways, ensuring ample seating and a cozy atmosphere at the bar.

From Shell to Salon & Spa

This virtual remodel unveils a serene salon and spa, complete with designated areas for reception, waiting, styling, massages, and product display. As an unfinished space, it’s hard to imagine a light, airy salon with room for all that, let alone visually appealing cabinet storage for styling tools! The neutral color scheme, coupled with ample natural and artificial lighting, creates an efficient yet aesthetically pleasing environment for both staff and clients.

From Shell to Clothing Store

Here, we’ve remodeled the space into a chic and spacious clothing store with a curated retail experience. Our design prioritizes ample space, ensuring equal visibility for all the products. Strategically placed clothing displays, a central fitting room, and a light wood palette contribute to an inviting and organized shopping environment. Large windows and a neutral color palette not only enhance the visibility of clothing colors but also prevent clashes with the surroundings.

Do you have a commercial shell space listing in need of some innovative and appealing updates? Book Square Foot Productions’ commercial virtual remodeling services today to transform your empty images into dynamic showcases that captivate potential buyers and tenants alike!

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