How to Market a Vacant Property Listing for Less Than $100

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Are you listing a vacant property? While potential buyers dream of making a vacant home their own, they can struggle to envision furniture, flow, and overall functionality. That’s where virtual staging comes in. Whether a property is just “okay” or already stunning, virtual staging enhances its best features and brings imagination to life. The best part? You can digitally transform your listings from “meh” to mesmerizing for under $100! Here’s how to unlock the hidden potential of your vacant property with the magic of Square Foot Productions.


Say goodbye to wasted space in this entryway makeover! It’s not just a spot to drop keys and mail; it’s a warm and welcoming space as soon as you walk through the door. Entryways often get overlooked in terms of thoughtful decor, but not this one. It’s been transformed into an elegant, functional spot to greet guests as they arrive or leave the home.


This kitchen gets a polished virtual transformation, showcasing how to cleverly organize everyday items without clutter. Buyers either love or hate open shelving, so show them the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics with attractive containers and decor. Complementary colors are used in the adjacent dining space, allowing it to stand on its own while harmoniously blending with the kitchen area.

Living Room

When looking at the vacant living room, a couple of questions come to mind. Is there enough space for a complete setup without obstructing the pathways on either side? How close is too close to the fireplace? This virtual makeover proves there’s nothing to worry about here! There’s plenty of space to create a cozy living area perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Dining Room

A dedicated dining room holds significant appeal for homebuyers seeking a space to host memorable gatherings with family and friends. This transformation reveals there’s ample space for at least six people, leaving room to spare! Coordinated artwork in the adjacent hallway helps the dining area appear larger by drawing the eye beyond the room’s boundaries.

Primary Bedroom

Even in spacious primary bedrooms like this one, achieving balanced and uncluttered furnishings can be a challenge. However, the virtual staging here demonstrates the strategic use of coordinated accessories, such as the bench and large paintings, to occupy space without overwhelming the room. It even explores possibilities for the attached patio space, seamlessly extending the bedroom’s livability to the outdoors.

Guest Bedroom

Secondary bedrooms are typically smaller than the primary, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice comfort! This virtual makeover shows how a standard furniture set effortlessly fits in the room, leaving space for pathways. Contrary to the misconception that adding furniture shrinks a room, strategically placed furnishings can actually amplify its sense of spaciousness.


This vacant bathroom may be gorgeous enough to sell itself, but an elevated at-home spa environment adds an extra layer of allure. Virtual staging brings this to life and illustrates how frequently used toiletries can be thoughtfully displayed. Entice potential homebuyers to indulge in the idea of a captivating, luxurious spa experience within the comfort of their own home.

Game Room

Creating an inviting space for entertaining guests is a key consideration for many homebuyers. This virtual makeover demonstrates how to maximize a vacant room with the addition of a pool table, lounge furniture, and a stocked bar. The furniture layout also ensures an easy flow around the glass patio doors, emphasizing how seamlessly the party can be extended outdoors.

Pool & Patio

Pools are the ultimate entertainment flex, but some buyers are wary of the maintenance. Show them how the benefits can outweigh the cons. Imagine sun-soaked afternoons with strategically placed lounge chairs, shady umbrellas, and coordinated patio furnishings. This update minimizes maintenance worries, presenting an enticing oasis for buyers to picture leisure and joy.

Studio Space

Marketing your vacant studio listing with limited space has never been easier. This virtual makeover ingeniously maximizes every inch, creating distinct sleeping, living, and dining areas without the need for walls. Studio living doesn’t have to just be for minimalists or the budget-conscious. Show buyers they don’t have to feel they’re sacrificing space even if they live in “one” room.

Do you have a vacant property listing in need of some appealing transformations? Start your virtual staging order with Square Foot Productions now! Starting at just $19 per image, you can completely transform your listing images for under $100. Your marketing budget (and your clients) will thank you!

*Virtual staging starts at $19 per image for residential and $29 per image for commercial properties. Pricing varies based on the number of images per order.

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