2024 Home Design Trends: Elevate Your Staging to Sell More Real Estate

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Looking to sell more real estate this year and increase your commission earnings? A well-staged home can be the key to increasing buyer interest and boosting the potential sales price. It helps showcase the highest and best potential a home has and enables buyers to imagine living there. Let’s dive into the top 2024 home design trends that will define the look and feel of homes this year.

2024 home design trends: blue hues and warm neutrals in an open living room with double-height windows and wood accent wall

Blue Hues & Warm Neutrals

2024 is the year of calm colors with blue hues and warm neutral shades. Blend light and airy sky blues and deep ocean blues with rich browns and creamy off-whites. These earthy tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that helps potential buyers feel right at home.

“Timeless” or Traditional Style

Traditional elements that are truly timeless will never go out of style. Think brick accents, clay tiles, and rustic wood features that add character and charm to the home. This creates a sense of lasting elegance, making it easier for buyers to envision a long-term connection with the property.

Laundry room and mud room waiting area coat rack hooks baskets shoes washing machine dryer cabinets cupboards interior home

Multi-Functional Spaces

Functionality is the most practical of the 2024 home design trends, pairing multi-use spaces with thoughtful design. Mud/laundry room combos are seeing a resurgence in popularity, along with versatile furniture pieces such as modular sofas and convertible tables. Bonus points if they have built-in charging stations!

Handmade Features

Incorporate handmade features to craft a unique design that makes a home feel more high-end and personalized. Use mosaic tiles, custom vanities, sculptural lighting, and other bespoke elements to help the property stand out in a crowded market. Don’t be afraid to embrace imperfections with handmade pieces!

A chic modern kitchen that seamlessly blends bold design choices with functionality. Generative AI

Blended Backsplashes

Create a sleek, seamless kitchen by blending the backsplash with the countertops and cabinets. Work with entire slabs of marble, granite, or quartz, or match different tiles and textures for a more colorful, blended look. Try to stay away from all-white designs as those are currently on a downward trend.

Hidden Appliance Storage

Speaking of seamless, no one wants to see bulky appliances scattered across the counters. Incorporate easy-to-access, hidden storage places for a streamlined and clutter-free look. Imagine ovens cleverly disguised behind panels, dishwashers disappearing into cabinets, and smaller appliances tucked away in pull-out drawers.

2024 home design trends: Eco-friendly home interior design with biophilic design elements. Modern living room interior biophilic design with vertical garden wall

Bringing the Outdoors In

Create a seamless connection between the home inside and the garden outside by opening up sightlines. Mirror the outdoor color palette indoors with living walls and an abundance of greenery throughout the home. The result is a naturally lit, tranquil space that expands the home outside its physical walls.

Low-Maintenance Plants & Patio Pavers

Nature-inspired design is flourishing, quite literally. Moss, clovers, and other low-growing ground cover plants between patio pavers create a harmonious connection to nature. These types of plants also require less maintenance and can stay green all year.

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