4 Ways to Use AI for Real Estate Marketing Content

Published On: September 25th, 2023Categories: Marketing, Real Estate, TechnologyLast Updated: March 1st, 202410.8 min read

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Let’s learn how to strategically use AI for real estate marketing projects to improve the quality and effectiveness of your content. Whether you’re working on an email campaign, social media advertising, or day-to-day marketing tasks, AI can save you time and money. You’ll be able to research current market data instantaneously and develop engaging and impactful content your target audience will love. Here are four ways to use AI to enhance your real estate marketing content and gain a competitive edge.

Analyze Trends

Use AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to rapidly conduct thorough research of your target audience, trending topics, keywords, and competitors. Be specific in the prompt about the data you’re looking for based on your marketing goals. To increase engagement with a Gen Z audience, for example, you would look at different trends than with an older millennial audience. Try different prompts until you have the data you need to develop a strong content strategy.

Generate Content

There are many AI writing tools to help create content, from SEO-optimized blogs, social media captions, and hashtags to email drip campaigns, video scripts, and more. The key to originality and authenticity is to work with AI rather than relying on it completely. “Teach” the AI tool about your brand in the prompt, including the tone of voice and goal of the marketing piece. Ask it to write the content with a compelling call to action and then edit the results for a personal touch.

Measure Performance

AI can give real-time insights into how well your content is engaging your audience and where you can improve. MarketMuse uses AI to find ways that blogs and web content can be optimized and to identify gaps in content strategy. Emplifi works similarly for social media content with engagement metrics, trend alerts, and competitive analysis. Conduct performance checks regularly to identify gaps and opportunities before you need to take action.

Improve Productivity

AI can also improve productivity and efficiency in your everyday marketing tasks. Use tools like Grammarly to proofread marketing content, web copy, and email communications and ensure they’re polished and professional. Set up an AI chatbot on your website to interact with potential buyers and sellers 24/7. Most automated social media scheduling tools are driven by AI technology, too. These tools take care of the small details so you can focus on the big picture.

AI can be a powerful tool to save time and resources while boosting brand engagement and driving more conversions. However, use caution when working with AI for your real estate marketing content, and always verify the data’s source. Think of these tools as teachers, assistants, and students all rolled into one program. Let them do the admin work and repetitive tasks for you, but don’t forget to double-check their work for accuracy. When used strategically, AI allows you to stay ahead of the competition and spend more time providing exceptional services to your clients.

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