5 Expert Tips to Elevate Your Relocation Services for Buyer Clients

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Moving out of state? In this economy? Well, despite the increase in remote work opportunities and rising inflation, there is still a significant need for relocation services. People move for many reasons, including job opportunities, better quality of life, to be closer to family, or to change their lifestyles. Relocating to a different state (or even a different country) can be overwhelming, especially if most of the work is being done remotely. We’ll explore the essential steps to provide top-notch, seamless relocation services, ensuring your clients feel supported and valued every step of the way.

Understand the Buyer’s Relocation Needs

Perform an in-depth assessment to understand the buyer’s needs, including their timeline, budget, preferred location, and amenity wish list. Ask about their reason for relocating, lifestyle preferences, hobbies, and future life plans. Discuss what they plan to do with their current home, too. Are they selling or renting it out? This could be an opportunity for you to list their home or work with another agent for a referral fee.

Maximize the Remote Home Search

Searching for homes remotely is not an ideal experience; most clients would prefer to see a home in person before buying. Provide a detailed virtual walkthrough of the homes they’re interested in using resources like 3D Matterport and video tours. Create digital folders for clients to revisit tours and reference notes at their convenience. This keeps all the information easily accessible and helps clients make informed decisions, even from a distance.

Recommend Local Experts

Create a trusted network of local experts, encompassing finance and tax advisors, insurance agents, legal professionals, and real estate specialists (loan officers, title agents, inspectors, etc.). Include valuable home maintenance services like lawn care, electricians, plumbers, pool repair, HVAC services, and more. Whatever your clients need to make their house into a home, they can come to you for a trustworthy recommendation.

Manage a Seamless Remote Transaction

Purchasing a home can be a challenging process in person, and even more so when it’s being done remotely. Not every client can attend every meeting and walkthrough during contract negotiations and the closing process. They’ll rely on you as their agent to manage everything for them and keep them updated. Maintain consistent and clear communication with your relocation clients and all parties involved in the transaction to ensure the highest level of service.

Assist with the Move

Go the extra mile and assist your relocation clients with their big move. Create a branded moving checklist with valuable insights on efficiently packing up the old home and unpacking the new one. Include recommendations for packing and moving companies and connect them to services that will set up their utilities and internet. Consider sending a thoughtful welcome gift to their new home, or if possible, visit in person to officially welcome them to the neighborhood.

Now that you know how to offer the best relocation services to your clients, get out there and market yourself! Use these strategies as part of your unique selling point (USP) to show clients how you can truly make a difference in their experience. If you frequently help clients relocate out of your primary state of practice, you may want to consider license reciprocity. Reciprocity allows you to perform certain real estate tasks in participating states without risking fines or loss of your license. 

Don’t let unappealing photos of a cluttered or unfinished house hinder your relocation clients’ remote search! Help them better visualize a property’s potential with Square Foot Productions’ clutter removal, virtual staging, or virtual remodeling services.

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