3 AI Listing Description Tips for a Better Result

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Do you know how to take an AI listing description and make it work for you? You may have seen early versions of chatbots or spam texts that sounded (laughingly) robotic. Although the technology still has room for improvement, it isn’t all like that anymore! The trick is taking what AI gives you and maximizing it to suit your needs. Results from AI writing tools, such as ChatGPT, need to be edited and reworked for originality and human touch. Here are 3 ways to improve upon your AI listing descriptions and attract more interested buyers. 

Give the AI a Detailed Prompt

Be specific and detailed in your initial prompt to the AI tool. Describe your desired tone of voice, the intended audience, how long the text should be, and a strong call to action for readers. Don’t forget to ask for an engaging headline that summarizes the property’s best features. It may sound like just as much work as writing it yourself, but this part takes less time with more practice. Certain parts of your AI prompts could also be duplicated for other similar properties.

Re-Work the Prompt

If you aren’t specific enough in the first prompt, the AI could misinterpret some or all of your instructions. Re-work the prompt to adjust for these mistakes or to add more context. You can also share an example of other content you want the AI to model your listing description after. As you gain experience with AI, the first prompt will get easier and won’t need as many changes. But sometimes, the best ideas are found by trying different versions of a prompt!

Give It a Human Touch

When you’re happy with the overall content and context of the AI listing description, it’s time to edit for originality and a human touch. There’s just something about “AI speak” on its own that comes off as inauthentic, and people can tell. This is also your chance to add touches of your own personality and any branded content you want to include. Share your knowledge about nearby spots in the neighborhood with the AI and ask it to speak from a local’s perspective.

AI technology is constantly evolving and learning from the information available to it. Think about what you can teach it to help the technology work better for you and your business. Challenge yourself to write more detailed prompts and reduce the number of times you need to re-work the results. The more you practice these tips, the more your AI listing description skills will improve. Spend less time writing property descriptions from scratch and spend more time engaging with potential buyers and sellers!

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