The 7 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Tips to Pass

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The thought of the real estate exam causes a lot of stress for many aspiring agents. There are a limited number of questions to cover a vast industry in a limited amount of time. And some states only allow 2 retakes! So, how can you improve your odds of passing and achieving your real estate license? By following all the best real estate exam prep tips that you can find! Here are 7 prep tips you can use, starting with pre-licensing courses and going all the way to the last minute before the exam.

Prep During Pre-Licensing

The best place to start prepping for the exam is while taking the pre-licensing courses. Highlight and take notes as you go, bookmarking the areas you need to study more. Make flashcards for major vocab and the names and dates of important laws, such as the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

Set a Study Schedule

Set a study schedule that breaks up each section covered on the exam into manageable time blocks. Be sure to plan for physical and mental breaks, too, so you don’t burn out. Once you know how much time you need to study, then sign up for the exam based on your schedule.

Work on Your Math Skills

Math problems make up nearly 10-15% of the exam, depending on the state. Practice working the equations forward and backward until you can solve them for any missing data. Memorize and understand the most common formulas, as well as conversions from feet to yards and acres.

Take Multiple Practice Tests

Most real estate education providers offer unlimited practice tests with their courses. You can supplement this with exam prep services, such as PrepAgent, that give detailed answer feedback on their practice tests. They also provide in-depth webinars, videos, and other learning tools.

Ask a Mentor

Find a mentor or experienced tutor who can help put the concepts and ideas into a practical framework. It’s easier to understand the material with real-world examples of what to do or not do. They’ll also have their own exam prep tips and study materials they might share with you.

Calculate Your Odds

If you like knowing your odds, calculate how many questions you can get wrong while still passing. This can keep stress levels down during the exam and save you from wasting too much time. You don’t need 100% to pass, so it’s okay to get a few wrong or not know all the answers.

Last-Minute Prep

Make a last-minute, one-page exam prep sheet or a small deck of flashcards with the things you need to study most. Review that up until 5-10 minutes before it’s time to walk in for the exam. Then take the rest of the time to breathe, relax, and clear your mind to focus. You’ve got this!

The best real estate exam prep you can do is to take care of yourself and not push too hard, too fast. All your hard work is no good to you if you’re burnt out by the time you sit down for the These prep tips can be applied beyond the license exam, too. Your education isn’t over after you pass the exam and achieve your real estate license. You’ll need to complete post-licensing courses and continuing education every few years to maintain your license. All that education and hard work become worth it when you help your clients achieve their real estate goals!

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