Top Apps for Real Estate Agents to Manage Their Social Media

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Social media is a huge marketing tool for real estate agents. It’s where the potential clients are, and it’s where relationships and brand reputations are built. But managing a social media account, or multiple accounts, is time-consuming. It can be overwhelming to maintain a consistent brand online, while also managing the rest of your real estate business. So, we rounded up our favorite applications to help you get some time back while maximizing your social media presence. Here are our picks of the top apps for real estate agents to manage social media, each with a desktop and an app version for agents on the go.

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Canva is a creative design and marketing tool for both beginners and professionals. You can make original graphics or choose from a wide variety of customizable templates that best fit your project. There’s space to build your brand kit with fonts and color palettes, helping ensure brand consistency across all your materials. Canva will quickly become your go-to for creating all your social media content!

The free version includes many of Canva’s features, while Pro accounts gain access to the full database of digital “elements” and editing abilities, starting at $12.99 per month.

Pallyy social media management display with highlighted features.


Pallyy is a content planning and scheduling platform built to manage multiple social media accounts at once, which works great for real estate teams and agents who have several profiles. Posts, reels, and stories can be scheduled across all social media platforms simultaneously, and analytics are available for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn (with more analytic features in development).

Pallyy has many features available with a free account and unlimited scheduling with premium accounts for $15 per month.

Animoto real estate video editor tool

Animoto: Video Maker & Editor

Animoto is a “drag and drop” video maker and editor complete with a licensed music library and stock images. There are customizable video templates, cropping and trimming features, and a voice-over tool. Animoto even keeps all your video content on brand by uploading custom fonts and adding your logo as a watermark. Get all your content post-ready, on your time, without losing it in the drafts folder!

A free account allows you to create simple videos with Animoto branding, and there are three paid account options, starting at $8 per month for the Basic plan.

Feedly newsfeed dashboard and content search


Feedly is a customizable news feed that collects news articles, blogs, social media posts, and other online sources that are relevant to your custom search. Sharing local news and real estate industry updates is part of a great agent’s social media strategy. Feedly does the searching for you, with the ability to share articles directly to your social media accounts or schedule them for posting through your preferred content planner. 

Feedly offers a free account with limited feeds and organizing tools. Pro accounts start at $6 per month with more features and sharing abilities.

Social media is meant to be a place for authentic engagement with your audience, to build their trust in you as a reliable source for their real estate needs. Managing that presence can sometimes feel like another job. These tools are free and affordable options to help you spend your time more meaningfully. Plan to sit down once a month or once a week to plan and schedule everything in advance. Then you’ll have more time for your other daily activities and to focus on your clients!

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