Digital Remodeling – Transforming Empty Commercial Spaces Into Endless Potential

Published On: January 3rd, 2022Categories: Commercial Real Estate, Technology, Virtual StagingLast Updated: November 7th, 202211.8 min read

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Our world is increasingly blended with digital elements and enhancements. Crossover innovations in recent years, like virtual reality and digital remodeling, have made the digital world look more like the real one. Virtual reality has evolved from exclusive technology to mainstream accessibility, but what is digital remodeling? How can it be used to attract commercial buyers and tenants, improve client satisfaction, and streamline the construction process? Here’s a basic overview along with the benefits of using digital remodeling in your commercial real estate business.

Definition: Digital Remodeling

Digital remodeling in the world of real estate is a virtual process wherein advanced photo editors use 3D mapping technology to transform unfinished or outdated properties into modern, eye-catching spaces – without even lifting a hammer. So, how do these digital renderings come together? Platforms like Evermotion offer a database with thousands of virtual furniture and architectural models. 3D designers then use digital design software, such as 3ds Max, to input these models in the 3D-mapped and enhanced photos. Digital remodeling shows buyers and tenants the full potential of commercial property, such as shell spaces or spec suites, using precise measurements and design customization before they invest time and money into construction.


Digital remodeling can reduce construction costs before starting a full build-out or even a spec suite in a commercial space. As of 2020, the average cost of an office build-out ranged from $56 per sqft for a basic space up to $156 per sqft for an executive-level space. That’s anywhere from $280,000 to $780,000 for a 5,000 sqft office. And that doesn’t even include furniture or appliances! While construction costs will eventually be incurred, having a blueprint from digitally remodeled photos can reduce the number of revisions and mistakes early in the process. Digital remodeling takes less time and cost to produce (as low as $150 per image for comparison) than physical mock-ups and is easier to mass-duplicate and distribute. Construction plans can then be drafted with more confidence.


The digital world allows for more immediate editing and creative collaborations between designers and software. Designers with advanced skills can completely customize a rendering to a client’s specifications. Remember 3ds Max? This and similar software are used to create structural elements and furniture from scratch. Think of it like The Sims games, but with a high-quality, realistic finish – no glitchy appliances or rooms without doors! 


Comparing different construction styles, office layouts, furniture, and décor options is much easier and faster with digital remodeling. It’s important to show the different uses a commercial space can have. You’ll appeal to a wider range of buyers and tenants that way. Not sure what you’re looking for? An experienced 3D designer can collaborate with you to present options to achieve a final product that suits your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Digital remodeling benefits all parties in a real estate transaction, whether commercial or residential. The seller spends less time and money while reaching a larger audience when existing structures don’t suit a buyer’s needs. The buyer, or tenant, can see potential rather than imagine it and can take those digital designs to their architect or contractor. Square Foot Productions’ commercial remodeling services are a premium, multi-faceted addition to your listing services, increasing the quality of your value proposition and client satisfaction. Need a closing gift for your new property owner? Send a voucher for our services so they can gift future tenants and buyers with their own custom rendering.

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