5 Must Have Pet Products to Love Your Home

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You love your pets and even consider them part of the family. Just like family, they sometimes mess up your carefully ordered home. Walk into any pet store and you will find tons of items to pamper, shelter, and clean up after them. While there are a lot of pet products out there, not all of them are made with home design in mind. Here are a few must-have pet products to help your pet fit more seamlessly into your home, for the fashionable and the functional.

Pet Odor Candles (The Smell Problem)

Just because you can’t smell your pets, doesn’t mean your guests can’t. Over time our noses get used to regular smells around the house. Light a candle specifically made to combat pet odors and say goodbye to that “wet dog” smell. Pet Odor Exterminator sells enzyme-formulated candles that can burn for up to 70 hours and come in 24 different scents. These candles work great to rid your home of cooking and smoke odors, too.

Litter Boxes and Puppy Pads (The Bathroom Problem)

Litter boxes and puppy pads solve a huge problem for inside pet owners. However, they can also be an eyesore and hard to hide where your pet can reach. This litter box lets your cat do their business inside a mini home, which you could paint to match your own. “The Doggy Bathroom” is a sleekly designed box with vertical absorbent pads for pets who lift their leg. For pets who don’t lift, a natural grass pad can be hidden among potted plants for camouflage.

Pet Beds (The Sleeping Problem)

We care about our pets and want them to be comfortable, but sometimes their beds just don’t fit with our home design. Try this cat treehouse that comes with a hammock and scratching pad for an urban look. This hooded cone bed is good for cats and smaller dogs that like to burrow. Pets not allowed on the furniture can enjoy their very own sofa instead with Wayfair’s orthopedic sofa – it has stress- and joint-relief benefits, too.

Scratching Trees (The Scratching Problem)

Cats need to scratch for healthy nails and cat owners need their homes to remain intact. It’s important to provide scratching options throughout the home. A sofa guard drapes casually over the arm of a sofa and helps keep claws off without covering up all your furniture. The Rathulf Scratcher looks like a cactus and contains catnip to entice your pet to play. For cats who love running across the keyboard while you work, let them scratch away on their own “Laptop Cat Scratching Pad.”

Robot Vacuum (The Hair Problem)

Unless your pet is hypoallergenic, you most likely spend a lot of time cleaning up hair. Forget the brooms and handheld vacuums, it’s time to invest in a robot. Robotic vacuums have grown in popularity and are manufactured by many different brands, ranging in price from $200 to more than $1,000. They can be set to auto-clean and can even be controlled from your phone when you’re not home. Stop the daily sweeping and let the robot do the dirty work for you.

Part of the “make ready” process for selling a home is to remove anything that wouldn’t look good in listing photos or on a home tour, such as litter boxes, puppy pads, pet beds, and scratchers. This can be frustrating and tedious when you’re still living in the home with your furry friends. These must-have pet products can help eliminate stress by making your pets’ things a more natural part of the home. For anything you can’t move and don’t want in listing photos, contact Square Foot Productions for digital clutter removal options.

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