5 Ways Decluttering Your Home Helps You Sell Fast

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5 Ways Decluttering Your Home Helps You Sell Fast

Are you obsessed with Instagram accounts like The Home Edit or Marie Kondo? Organizing and decluttering has become a movement, and it’s never more important than when you’re selling your home. But why is decluttering essential? Here are just five ways that decluttering your home will help you sell fast.

Minimizes Distractions

Decluttering should include removing personal items such as family photos or religious and political accessories from your house. You want someone to look at the home as a place they can live, and if they’re distracted by things that don’t impact the house itself, you can turn away buyers.

Puts the Focus on Key Selling Features

When you declutter, you can put the focus on the essential features of the home. Instead of having your kitchen counters full of appliances, clear them off so someone can see the spacious work area in the kitchen of their dreams.

Improves the Buyer’s Experience

The ultimate goal of staging your home is to improve the buyer experience. This starts with the photos in the listing and goes all the way through to showings. When you have clutter in your photos, it can turn off buyers before they even get that far.

Make the Space Feel Larger

You want your home to appear as large a possible regardless of the actual square footage. So removing the wall-to-wall books from a bookshelf can give the impression of more space. Reducing the furniture pieces in your family room will draw the eye to the size of the room.

Gives a Better Open House Experience

When your real estate agent shows your home in an open house setting, you’ll have many people come in and out. Some will be serious buyers, but they won’t give the home a chance if they can’t see the forest through the trees. Give them a clean slate but well-staged to show them what they’d be missing if they don’t make an offer.

In the end, if you’re still not happy with the results, you can use an editing company to help. Square Foot Productions offers an editing service called clutter removal, a digital option for removing items from your listing.

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