8 Best Open House Ideas to Stand Out

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It takes some of the best open house ideas to stand out from the competition and attract a packed house. In one weekend, you could be competing with attractive homes for sale nearby in addition to other open houses. And if it’s a “cookie-cutter” home, then you’ll especially want to host a memorable event to stay top of mind. Here are 8 of the best open house ideas to pack your event and go from “just listed” to “just sold.”

Donate to Charity

Pledge to donate a certain amount to a charity of your choice for everyone who enters the door. Or let the guests in on the action by allowing them to choose from two or three organizations when they sign in.

Make It a Pop-Up Shop

Invite local boutiques to host a pop-up in the home so guests can get a one-stop shopping experience. Clothing and home goods shops would pair well with an open house, or you can invite local artists for a pop-up art gallery.

Hold an “Open House Day” With Other Agents

Work with other real estate agents who have nearby listings to promote and host an “Open House Day” together. This makes it more convenient (and more likely) for potential buyers to walk through all the homes. It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

Partner With a Local Cafe

A great way to offer delicious food and drink (without preparing it yourself) is to partner with a local cafe, serving coffee, tea, sandwiches, or baked treats. You can share in promoting the event and might even attract their loyal customers, too.

Co-Host With an Industry Partner

Co-host the event with a lender, title agent, or real estate attorney who can provide another perspective on the home-buying process. Some buyers may come for the opportunity to chat with a lender and end up staying for the home!

Use QR Codes & Virtual Staging

Use QR codes to show how vacant rooms have been virtually staged, or to show different options in a home that needs renovations. Fixer-uppers and vacant homes attract less attention, so promote the event as a virtual walkthrough experience where possibilities are endless.

Hold a Contest or Raffle

Hold a contest or raffle that guests can enter by completing a short feedback survey. Potential buyers will come to view the home, someone will win a cool prize, and you’ll have valuable feedback on the home and your open house event.

Make It an Interior Design Mini-Course

Host the open house with an interior designer who can give a mini presentation and mingle with guests to answer questions. They’ll be able to show everyone the basics of decorating a home while showing off the potential of the home for sale.

Any of these open house ideas will surely attract a gathering of interested people. Think about the type of buyer you’re looking to impress and which idea would be most appealing to them. Tailor your marketing for the event to your target audience, too. Even if they show up more for the event than for the house, it’s enough to get them in the door. Then it’s your job as the hosting agent to make sure they’re sold on the home before they leave. And that’s what you’re best at!

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